Jacob Herrera

As a teenager fresh out of high school, I can say I have one of the most broad and impressive resumes out there. My desire to try new things and discontentment with mediocrity has driven me to achieve unheard of accomplishments at such a young age. 

My background in photography comes from a rather usual start. I began taking pictures of fire trucks and emergency services related subjects as I was a firefighter and spent my time in these environments. After my interest was sparked I began working as a “stringer” or photojournalist covering major incidents such as fires, car accidents, shootings, and pretty much any other newsworthy incident. After leaving that field I was introduced to sports photography while being a part of the Cy-Ranch High School Yearbook program where I was the first Editor In Chief in program history. This experience in yearbook launched my career and I am forever grateful for my advisor and staffers who helped me get here. 

A few strange facts about me:

  • I can fly planes
  • Built a racecar in my driveway 
  • Worked as a firefighter in highschool
  • Current EMT student 
  • Mechanic for hire as a fun side gig
  • Placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, in different categories in the 2020 ATPI state photo contest 
  • Received multiple photo awards from CFISD
  • Former media and marketing manager for multiple companies and nonprofits 
  • Love to photograph cars at race tracks and car meets
  • Youngest employee/photographer at phlox!

Today I work full time at Phlox and continue chasing my adrenaline junky desires.

You can book me to photograph just about anything! Give me something to shoot and I’ll make sure you’re impressed.