Frequently Asked Questions (and somewhat accurate answers)

Frequently Asked Questions (and somewhat accurate answers)2024-02-27T17:40:45-06:00
When will I get my Spotlight gallery?2023-07-19T15:23:44-05:00

Our turnaround time is normally 72 hours.

When will event photos be posted?2023-07-19T15:23:29-05:00

Images not part of Spotlight galleries will be posted within 96 hours of the event.

What happens if my participant doesn’t play?2023-07-19T15:23:12-05:00

There are many catchable moments in the course of a game that our photographers can shoot including warmups, celebrations, and sideline interactions.

What if my player is sick or injured?2023-07-19T15:22:54-05:00

If for any reason, we are unable to capture 8-10 images at the requested event, we have several options available:

  1. If we have future events on the shoot schedule, our photographer will automatically roll your Spotlight pre-order to the next event.  If the event was part of a multi-game bundle, we are usually able to fulfill the order during a post-season/playoff game.
  2. If we have no remaining opportunities to shoot your participant in that season, the Spotlight can be used for a separate sport or even transferred to another player. 
  3. If no other options are available, we will gladly refund your order.
I ordered a Spotlight for my player but the information I provided has changed. What do I do?2023-07-19T15:22:38-05:00

No issue if we are notified prior to the start of the game. Please note, it is the responsibility of the person ordering the Spotlight to notify Phlox of any changes in jersey number, team, position, or any other changes in information that were submitted when the Spotlight was ordered. 

I purchased “high resolution” photos. When I download the files, they only take up about 2 megabytes of disk space. Files from my consumer camera are much bigger.2023-07-19T15:22:20-05:00

The industry standard for “High Resolution” is 300dpi or higher. There are three factors affecting file size:

  1. Resolution 
  2. Dimensions 
  3. Compression Ratio

If you decompress the file in a professional editing suite, you will see that the file size is in the 10-20 megabyte range. High resolution (300dpi) images are sufficient for all digital applications and most physicals up to 8×10.

I’m trying to order a large print or poster from a local print shop, and I’m being told that the file I’m uploading doesn’t have adequate resolution. What should I do?2023-07-19T15:21:57-05:00

Depending on the shooting situation, we MAY be able to render a higher resolution or larger image for that purpose. Please understand that this operation requires a level of work that is not included in our bargain Spotlight prices. We absolutely cannot upsize an entire gallery. If you know specifically that you will be needing an image or two for large format printing, notify your photographer in advance and we will do our best to capture an image that will fit your needs.

How far in advance do I need to order an action Spotlight?2023-07-19T15:21:41-05:00

Since some events have limited availability, we recommend ordering as soon as possible. However, for events that are not sold out, all photographers at the event will receive a notification when you place an order during the event. Keep in mind, the later you place the order, the fewer opportunities our photographer has to capture your athlete.

I want to order a multi-game bundle, but the first event has already passed. Can I still receive the volume discount?2023-07-19T15:21:24-05:00

If you order a multi-game bundle after one or more events have passed, you will still pay the full multi-game bundle price, however, you will have the opportunity to create a Spotlight gallery for your player/participant from the first event by selecting applicable images from the general game gallery.

I ordered a Spotlight package but I see images of my participant in the public gallery that are not in the Spotlight gallery. How do I get those images?2023-07-19T15:21:08-05:00

There are times where we inadvertently miss adding images to a Spotlight gallery.  To get an images added to your Spotlight gallery, mark the images as “favorites” then share the images and your photographer will move them into your gallery.

I ordered a Spotlight gallery and my player had a big play, but I don’t see that in my gallery. Why was the play not captured?2023-07-19T15:20:31-05:00

Keep in mind that these are live events and there are countless variables affecting our ability to capture any given moment. While we commit to capturing invaluable memories, we cannot guarantee that one of our photographers will be in the exact right spot with the exact right light and the exact right camera settings to capture every single passing moment. 

Can I order a Spotlight package for a cheerleader, mascot, or yell leader?2023-07-19T15:20:15-05:00

Yes! We have extensive experience capturing cheer squad, mascot, and yell leader moments in a variety of sports. When you place your order for the event, select cheer as your participant’s position and include any detail in the Notes section.

My participant is a halftime performer (band/drill team). Can I order a Spotlight package for them as well?2023-07-19T15:19:59-05:00

Yes! However, due to the short timeframe of halftime performances and the number of photographers at the event, we may not be able to fulfill every request. Halftime packages are offered on a first come basis. If there are not enough photographers assigned to the event to fulfill every request, we will roll orders to the next performance. With enough notice, we can sometimes bring in additional photographers just to cover halftime performances.

I’m ordering a Spotlight for my halftime performer, how will you know which student is mine?2023-07-19T15:19:42-05:00

In the notes of the order, please provide as much information as possible i.e. location on field (e.g., yardline, row, etc), instrument, section. We will usually consult with a director/coach/chaperone to assist us in identifying and tracking your performer. For drill team, we normally find your performer on the field during pregame festivities to introduce ourselves and verify their field position during the routine (Note: please tell your performer that you’ve ordered a Spotlight package, it may save them and our photographers some awkward moments.)


How do I pre-order action photos?2022-12-10T12:19:24-06:00

Every week, we update our schedule and preorder page  Click on the link to reach the pre-order form, after selecting the Spotlight package you want, select your name and team and input players information, we will do the rest.

I ordered a spotlight gallery, but see several images of my player in the game gallery and NOT in their spotlight gallery. How do I fix this?2021-07-12T09:39:18-05:00

The easiest way to get images moved or copied into your gallery is to create a favorites set and mark the game gallery photos as favorites. SHARE the favorites with us and one of our photographers will add these images to your spotlight gallery. Watch this video for instructions on creating and sharing favorites sets.

I did not pre-order action photos – will you still have images available of my player?2021-07-12T09:38:55-05:00

Normally, we shoot as much of an event as possible. In a few situations where there are a large number of pre-orders and limited photographers, we may only post pre-order spotlight galleries. Images in the game gallery are available for purchase at our normal online prices.

I see my photos in a gallery, how do I download them without the watermark?2021-07-12T09:38:41-05:00

This video demonstrates the steps required to purchase a download link. Since there are multiple file type and price options for downloading, all downloads are managed through the online store.

It has been several days since my event and I have not received an email notification and link. What do I do?2022-12-12T12:41:26-06:00

Often times, our notification emails end up in junk or SPAM folders, you might find the email there. All spotlight galleries are accessible via the action sports group on the page. You can find your gallery either by navigating to the appropriate sport page, or click the search icon at the bottom of the page and enter the player name information that was submitted on the pre-order. You can also email us directly and we can look into it for you

I pre-ordered event photos, now what happens?2021-07-12T09:37:27-05:00

After the event, our photographers will sort, process and post photos. Depending on the size of the event and the number of photographers, spotlight galleries are normally published within 24 hours. Once the last photographer has uploaded images, your will receive an email with a link and download instructions.

How do I book a photographer for my portrait session or event?2021-07-12T09:37:11-05:00

Phlox works with approximately two dozen independent photographers. We will be launching a consolidated online quote and booking tool in the near future. To request a photographer and pricing for an event, please email us at

I do not see my event on the schedule or preorder form, how do I get it added?2021-07-12T09:36:57-05:00

Normally, we update the schedule and order form every Monday for that week’s events. To request addition of an event or for other schedule inquiries, please send an email to


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