Dustin Nguyen

Dustin Nguyen’s creative eye rivals the grandeur of Texas itself. His penchant for capturing the beauty of wide-open roads and quaint small-town courthouses began as a pandemic hobby, sparked by nostalgia for his father’s casual photography. However, his aspirations didn’t stop at casual. Dustin devoted countless hours to YouTube tutorials and sought inspiration in the works of renowned photographer, Peter MacKinnon.

Even before photography came into focus, Dustin had cultivated his knack for storytelling through a blog about Cy Woods football. As a former student, he felt a compulsion to chronicle the team’s history, surprised that no one had done so before him. This pursuit of uncharted narrative territory eventually intertwined his path with that of Tom Dendy, the founder of Phlox. This serendipitous connection proved pivotal, leading him from being an ardent hobbyist to a professional lensman, perfectly at home on the sidelines.

Now, Dustin lives his passion, translating the distinctive essence of Texas into visual symphonies, one snapshot at a time. When not behind the lens, he immerses himself in a multitude of interests ranging from Simpsons trivia to the compelling narratives of K-dramas, and from scouting Houston’s best BBQ joints to dreaming of visiting Vietnam, his ancestral home. With this rich tapestry of experiences, Dustin has truly evolved from a casual shooter to a sensation at Phlox.