Tim Dendy

I’m currently attending Drake University double majoring in Accounting and Studio Art

I dived into photography at first as a way to spend more time with my dad at wrestling tournaments in the earlier part of my high school career. As I learned more about the century long legacy of photographers in our family, I became more enthralled by the craft. My freshman year of college I took my first art class centered on photography which introduced me to the fading world of film photography and the chemical process of darkroom development and printmaking. I was instantly addicted to everything about the pre-digital world of photography. I immersed myself in the mythologies of larger than life figures like Ansel Adams, Dorthea Lange, Eve Arnold, Man Ray, Peter Lindbergh, and Robert Mapplethorpe. These galavanting pioneers with their legendary artistic passions and ideologies, celebrity statuses, and reaching influence left a deep impression on me. I became obsessed with the evolution of the artisanal photographer who crafts an image to tell a story for the enjoyment of his or her client into the  sensationalist iconographer who creates grand artworks to be seen and understood more abstractly by a global audience.

Currently my photographic style eschews the sharp optical clarity and color of contemporary digital imagery in favor of black and white silver emulsion film paired with a softer and more pictorialist optical quality. I prefer for the most dominant element of my images to be dynamic and compelling composition.

If you have project that doesn’t quite fit into the the neat genres of sports, lifestyle, commercial, portrait, or boudoir, I am the person to talk to about building an image out of your ideas and desires